University Teaching

Postgraduate courses

  • The 1989 Revolutions in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Everyday Fascism, Communism and Catholicism in Interwar Europe
  • Sources, Skills and Methods for Historians (with other colleagues)

Undergraduate courses

  • Czechoslovakia: The View from Central Europe
  • Martyrs and Collaborators: Catholicism behind the Iron Curtain
  • Communism in Practice
  • Twentieth-Century Europe, 1939-1989
  • Modern Europe
  • Twentieth-Century Czechoslovakia
  • Science and Religion in Victorian England
  • The Victorian Mind
  • Climates of Opinion, 1780-1850
  • Religion behind the Iron Curtain, 1945-1989
  • General Historical Problems
  • Historiography and Research Methods (with other colleagues)
  • Varieties of Christianity to the Present Day (with other colleagues)