Media & Public Engagement

Czech Parliamant (Senate) panel discussion 19 April 2013.CROPThe Birth and Death of Czechoslovakia

Televised 2-hour panel discussion held in the Czech Senate (Parliament) in April 2013. Participants: Mary Heimann, historian; Petr Pithart, former Czech Prime Minister; Jan Rychlík, historian. Moderator: Tomáš Klvaňa. Hosted by the Prague Writers Festival. Watch it here: The Birth and Death of Czechoslovakia

Prague Writers Festival 2013

One of 7 writers featured at the Prague Writers Festival 2013 on ‘The Birth of Nations’. Included Nobel prize-winner Orhan Pamuk and Yasmina Khadra. See PWF 2013

TEDx Cardiff 2017

TEDx speaker, the Tramshed, Cardiff, 22 April 2017.

Prague Writers Festival in Pittsburgh

One of 6 writers featured at the commemorative Prague Writers Festival in Pittsburgh. Included the novelists E.L. Doctorow and Anita Desai. See PWF in Pittsburgh

Partnership for Peace (NATO) in Ukraine

Took part in NATO Partnership for Peace workshop held in Kiev, Ukraine (26-28 March 2015) to aid regional stability in the South Caucasus. Historical comparisons and simulated negotiations were used to examine regional conflicts and formulate policy recommendations. Policy recommendations were distributed to NATO and other decision-makers. See press release Marshall Center and policy recommendations NATO Partnership for Peace

New Books in History

Interview by Marshall Poe with Mary Heimann about Czechoslovakia: The State That Failed (recorded March 2013). Listen here: New Books in History

Rough Seas around Bohemia

Sponsored lecture given at the Slovak Embassy, London, April 2012, on the impact of Czechoslovakia: The State that Failed. Money raised was donated to the Friends of Czech Historic Buildings charity. See: Czech Centre in London

The Page 99 Test

‘Open the book to page ninety-nine and read, and the quality of the whole will be revealed to you.’ (Ford Madox Ford). You can try this here: Page 99 test

The Prague Trial

BBC Radio 4 radio play and documentary about the 1979 trial of Václav Havel and other Czech dissidents. You can listen to it here: BBC Radio 4

Czechoslovakia between the Wars

Read about Czechoslovakia’s pivotal role in the Munich Crisis here: History Today

About Me, Without Me

Czech radio discussion about Czechoslovakia: The State that Failed. Česky rozhlas

On the Silencing of Inconvenient History

Keynote lecture to Czech Journalism Summer School (2015) about voluntary censorship. You can hear the talk here: LŠŽ

Democratizing History

Dr Erin Jessee, Dr Catherine Baker and I held a collaborative workshop at the Scottish Oral History Center on ‘Democratizing History in Conflict and Post-Conflict Settings’. You can find out more about it here: Democratizing History 2015

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